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THE BEAUTY – Animated Short (2019) from Pascal Schelbli on Vimeo.

What if plastic could be integrated into sea life?

The Beauty directed by Pascal Schelbli is a poetic journey through the oceans, which are simultaneously stunning and filthy.

Discover a world where concerns and fears dissolve into the mysterious depth of the polluted blue sea.

Director: Pascal Schelbli
VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele
Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Tina Vest
Rigging TD: Noel Winzen
Underwater Cinematographer: David I. Dincer
Composer: Alexander Wolf David, Petteri Sainio
Sound Design: Robin Harff
Voice Over: Charlie H Gardner
Color Grading: Peter Hacker
Additional Artists: Fynn Große-Bley, Lukas Gotkowski
Created at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and Animationsinstitut
Supported by diving.DE

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