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  1. A former student killed three children and three adults at a Christian elementary school in Nashville on Monday, armed with two “assault-style” weapons and a handgun after elaborately planning the massacre by drawing out a detailed map and conducting surveillance of the building, police said.

    The shooting at the Covenant school in Nashville was the latest in a series of mass shootings in a country that has grown increasingly unnerved by bloodshed in schools.

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  2. Prime minister defers controversial proposals to next parliamentary session after mass protests

    Israel’s embattled prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced a delay to his far-right government’s proposals to overhaul the judiciary after 12 weeks of escalating political crisis.

    Netanyahu said on Monday he would delay his flagship judicial changes to the next parliamentary session, saying he wanted to give time to seek a compromise over the contentious package with his political opponents.

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  3. Florence Débarre’s discovery of genetic data online showed for first time that animals susceptible to coronavirus were present at market

    One of the most compelling clues to the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic was uploaded without announcement to a scientific database, going unnoticed for weeks.

    And then, just as suddenly, it vanished from public view.

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  4. Terry Sanderson, 76, suing actor for more than $300,000 over 2016 collision, claiming she skied recklessly into him from behind

    The man suing Gwyneth Paltrow over a 2016 collision at one of the most upscale ski resorts in North America took the witness stand on Monday as the closely watched trial goes into its second week in Utah.

    Terry Sanderson, 76, recounted a ski collision that he claims was caused by Paltrow, 50, causing four ribs to fracture and head trauma that he claims manifested as post-concussion syndrome.

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  5. Lawmakers, unconvinced after five hours of testimony from company chief Shou Zi Chew, are set on restricting the platform

    Lawmakers have said they’re moving forward with plans for a national ban on TikTok, as users including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez take to the app to protest.

    The snowballing effort to take action against TikTok comes after company chief Shou Zi Chew appeared before a US House committee for five hours on Thursday, where lawmakers from both parties grilled him about national security and other concerns involving the app.

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  6. Head of Norwegian manufacturer Nammo says plans to increase production at its largest factory are affected by demands of nearby data centre

    One of Europe’s largest ammunition manufacturers has said efforts to meet surging demand from the war in Ukraine have been stymied by a new TikTok data centre that is monopolising electricity in the region close to its biggest factory.

    The chief executive of Nammo, which is co-owned by the Norwegian government, said a planned expansion of its largest factory in central Norway hit a roadblock due to a lack of surplus energy, with the construction of TikTok’s new data centre using up electricity in the local area.

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  7. Fears of more violent clashes with police as demonstrations against Macron’s unpopular pensions policy to carry on

    Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in street protests and strikes across France on Tuesday amid fears of violent clashes with police, as demonstrations continue over Emmanuel Macron’s use of constitutional executive powers to push through an unpopular raise of the pension age.

    The protest movement against raising the age from 62 to 64 is the biggest domestic crisis of Macron’s second term, with the strikes on Tuesday expected to affect refineries, bin collections, rail transport, air travel and schools. Authorities in Paris and several cities are braced for clashes between police and protesters.

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  8. While the ex-president has increased his national lead, the Florida governor is putting up a closer fight in Iowa and New Hampshire

    Donald Trump has increased his national lead in the Republican presidential primary but seems set to face a closer tussle with his chief rival, Ron DeSantis, in the crucial first two states to vote, new polls show.

    On Monday, a new survey from the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard and the Harris Poll gave Trump a 26-point national lead over DeSantis, by 50% to 24%, a four-point gain since February.

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  9. Creed III actor due to face court in May after unnamed female accuser alleges he struck her ‘about the face with an opened hand’ and bruised her neck

    Jonathan Majors has been charged with several assault and harassment misdemeanours, after being accused of assaulting a woman during an alleged “domestic dispute”, the Manhattan district attorney’s office has confirmed.

    New York City police said Majors, the star of Creed III as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, was arrested on Saturday when police responded to a 911 call inside an apartment in the Chelsea neighbourhood in Manhattan.

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  10. Defence minister says government ‘willing to explore’ participating in ‘pillar two’ of defence deal founded by Australia, UK and US

    New Zealand’s government has confirmed it is discussing joining the non-nuclear part of the Aukus alliance founded by Australia, the UK and US.

    “We have been offered the opportunity to talk about whether we could or wish to participate in that pillar two [non-nuclear] aspect of it,” said Andrew Little, the New Zealand defence minister. “I’ve indicated we will be willing to explore it.”

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