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  1. Hamas said the Biden administration "brazenly repeats the Zionist lies" as the U.S. backed Israel in blaming the group for the unraveling of a week-long truce.
  2. NoThanks was temporarily suspended from the Google Play app store due to a line in its description speaking about Israel.
  3. The Miami Herald's editorial board said DeSantis was treated like a "teacher's pet" by Fox News host Sean Hannity.
  4. Texas nationalists said they have enough signatures to force the GOP to ask about secession on the state's primary ballots.
  5. Nutrition experts prefer healthy snacks like dried fruit, mixed nuts, jerky and roasted chickpeas for weight loss.
  6. A slim House GOP majority became slimmer on Friday as New York Congressman George Santos was expelled.
  7. Were you annoyed by the NFL leaning on Taylor Swift storylines this season? Mike Tirico spoke to the realities at play.
  8. The person screamed and ran away because he knew what was coming.
  9. Millennials are criticizing Baby Boomers for leaving them without any grandparent support as many millennials start to have children for the first time.
  10. Mitchell Robinson has been rooming with his former high school coach Butch Stockton after Stockton's wife died in September.

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