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  1. After surviving a mass shooting in Illinois, a woman visiting Nashville confronts media.
  2. His proposed changes provoked an outpouring of anger from nearly all parts of Israeli society.
  3. The first 18 of the cutting-edge tanks are sent, amid reports UK Challenger 2s have also arrived.
  4. Clearview AI has been used by the police nearly a million times in the US, it tells the BBC.
  5. A man suing Gwyneth Paltrow over a ski crash says it sounded "like someone was out of control".
  6. Authorities say nine men survived a collapsed gold mine in South Kivu.
  7. A Florida school head was forced out after the famous Michaelangelo statue was shown to art students.
  8. The attack on Uhuru Kenyatta's farm appears to be in retaliation for opposition protests.
  9. Christian authorities changed clocks on Sunday, in defiance of a move meant to help fasting Muslims.
  10. The 24-hour walkout is one of the largest the country has experienced in decades.

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